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Google Ads service has become the first choice of traders or business owners because it helps them to reach more people quickly. If you are also searching for a Google Ads agency in Patna, Bihar then your search ends here. Digital Cogency is one of the leading and best Google Adwords service provider which has helped many businesses to run Google Ads campaign successfully and generate revenue.

What Are Google Ads And How It Work?

Google Ads (Google Adwords) is a paid advertising service by Google. In this service, advertisers bid on different keywords and run a campaign to make that keyword appear on the top of the Google search results. Because advertiser pays for this service, Google will display the ads keyword in top due to which it generates more clicks. If you also want to get benefited from the Google Ads service and search for the best Google Ads agency in Patna, Bihar, Digital Cogency is here to help you.

There are different digital marketing companies in Patna but only a few of them are capable to run Google Ads campaigns successfully. Being one of the reputed Google Adword Company in Patna, Digital Cogency has a team of expert who is capable to run Google ads campaigns for different businesses.

Many people are known of Google Ads’ benefits but most of them are worried about the cost. So, how much Google ads cost?

Actually, Google Ads uses an auction system, so there is not a fixed cost for an ad. Google Ads (previously Adwords) uses an ad auction model, so there is no set cost for a single ad. Each keyword in the Google ads campaign has it own bid which completely depends on the competition of that particular keyword. It means that the cost of Google ads is fluid which totally depends on the bidding price set by your competitor for keyword, audiences, and location they choose.

Google Ads Campaign Management Service

As one of the best Google Adwords Agency, Digital Cogency figure out your target customers, daily budget, and geographical reach to execute a Google Ad campaign for you. The best thing about Google ads service is that if you run a campaign, you have to pay only when a user clicks on your ads because this service works on Pay per click model.

Being one of the reputed Google ads agency in Patna, Bihar, our PPC team will do deep keyword research and help you in setting a Google ads campaign which brings best CTR (Click-Through Rates) as well as conversion. Below are some benefits of running a Google Adwords campaign with us:

  • Relevant and high traffic on the website
  • High CTR (Click-Through Rates)
  • Optimized quality score of an ad campaign
  • Better ranking in Google Ad ranking
  • Impactful copies of Google Ads

How Does Google Ads Process Work?

Business research

In order to run Adwords campaign effectively, we start the process by doing deep research on the business, industry, and competition. After that, we start working on the pay per click campaign for your business

Keywords research

Without working on relevant keywords it is not possible to reach online customers. This is the reason why we do intensive keyword analysis to create ads campaign for your business so that they appears in the top of Google ads

Professional content

Our professional team of content writer will design such ads which represent the voice of your brand, service or product. It will help them to get the best spot and more clicks from your targeted audience

Bid Management

Setting the right bid is necessary to increase the visibility of your ads. While running the Google Adwords management service, we set the right bid according to the competition of your keyword to make it more visible and get more clicks from the right audience

Monitor Report

As a trusted Google Ads agency, we regularly monitor your Google Ads campaign. We use the analytics of the campaign to see how the ads are performing, what are the CTR and conversion


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