Twitter Launches Verified Accounts in 3 Colored Check marks

The good old days of uniformity in Twitter has long gone. Earlier every verified twitter account had a blue tick but now It has entered its chaotic multicolored phase and we are all for it. To simplify Twitter accounts are now verified in three colors, dive in to know more.

It all began when Elon Musk earlier tweeted about using different colors for different organization and individual but until recent the details wasn’t quite clear. “All verified individual humans will have same blue check, as boundary of what constitutes “notable” is otherwise too subjective,” he tweeted. Earlier on 26th of November the SpaceX owner took to the microblogging site to make the relevant announcement that stated “Sorry for the delay, we’re tentatively launching Verified on Friday next week, and further added “Gold check for companies, grey check for government, blue for individuals (celebrity or not) and all verified accounts will be manually authenticated before check activates.

“So what does this means for you, your brand, and your personal accounts? We are here to decode this multicolored verse for you.”

What is happening with Twitter? A question we all find ourselves asking recently. This colorful madness or a visionary approach whatever you like to call is one of the many additions to that list that has made twitter the talk of the town for now. Earlier it was subscription fees that the users would be charged to have a blue tick and now it’s the color assortment of verified checkmarks.

Why Some Twitter Check Marks Did Turned Gold?

Yes what you saw is in fact true and not some sort of glitch, check marks has indeed changed color. The take behind this step is that Musk’s first attempt to take on Twitter Blue did not go as planned and this was mostly due to the fact that Twitter Blue did not had any real way to verify the identities of the accounts that were signing up for it.

Musk didn’t seemed to see why this should matter and thus outsources some of the work to the App Store with in mind firstly, that the people need to have an App Store account to get twitter Blue and secondly, they would be paying for it.

twitter gold label

This whole process in first hand looked enough of verification system but that not true of course. It was no sooner that one after another various bogus tweets flooded Twitter from seemingly real, verified accounts with blue checkmarks. Tweets

There are stipulations that brands lost billions due to fake twitter accounts blue tick and their tweets. Various industries was seen affected like pharmaceuticals, aerospace and defense. Later these impersonating accounts were suspended but the fallout of making verified blue tick available to anyone who pays $8 surely costed industries a lot more than that.

So in order to prevent catastrophe from repeating itself, Twitter has now turned the blue check marks that the companies had into gold checkmarks. You can even click on the checkmark of those accounts profile and a pop up will appear stating that the account is verified because it’s an official business on Twitter.

So when next time you come across a twitter account with Blue tick tweeting bogus tweets on behalf of a brand, you would know it’s not the actual business account, as the official business account and verified companies have Gold check marks. This will prevent the brand’s image from getting negatively impacted due to some fake profiles.

What About The Blue Check Marks That Do Not Turn Gold?

Check marks on the accounts that are not official businesses would either go away, stay blue or will turn gray. So now the question arises why gray?

Gray check marks have been assigned for the verified government accounts or the accounts that have been affiliated with the government.

These gold and gray check marks are supposed to help users better understand which account belongs to businesses and the government and which one’s don’t.

It would certainly take some time to get used to and associate these colors with verified accounts like we used to with the Blue tick. We would have to wait few days to completely understand how well this would work as there are some added safeguard this time.

According to Musk, each and every account will be manually verified before giving the check mark and the check will temporarily be removed if they changed their name until that profile is verified again. This is a one step ahead to tackle with the people who are planning to change their name immediately after getting their checks.

Twitter Launches “Blue For Business” With A Square Business Badges

These new colorful acquaintances were finally getting decoded and Twitter dropped another one on 20th Dec. This is called “Blue with business”, it’s a subscription that enables users to distinguish between important personnel and companies from any other verified account.

Twitter business tweeted “Today, we’re rolling out Twitter Blue for Business, a new program that lets businesses distinguish their brands and key employees on Twitter. These accounts will show a square company badge next to their display names,”

So basically the Businesses that subscribes to Twitter Blue for business, their profile would have a gold checkmark and a square company badge on display. People who are connected to the business or brand will also receive a square company badge and a blue checkmark on their profiles. For now this project is piloted for a limited number of businesses maybe as a trial run and they plan to expand in the near future.

With the plan to help businesses and their affiliates get the most out of Twitter, the company is moving forward with assorted colored checkmarks, leaving the legacy of Blue tick behind. We are all ears to twitter’s next move and the further updates that the future holds are.

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