Google Link Spam Update (Complete Guide)

On 26th of July 2021, Google rolled out another broad core update which is known as Link Spam Update. This update will affect spamming, manipulating and some other types of backlinks. With the help of this update, Google will now easily understand link spam. In other words, this update will help Google system to detect and understand unnatural link building that boost search ranking in unnatural way.

According to SEO specialist and Digital marketers, this update will severely affect guest post and affiliate links. If you also want to know more about Google links spam update, its affect and how to save your website, read the complete post.

Important points to know about link spam update

Here are some important updates related to this worldwide rollout update of Google:

  • It started rolling out on 26th July and takes 2 weeks to complete roll out. It means that the update will be applicable in all countries and different languages.
  • This update will enhance the ability of Google system to learn link spam technique used to hack search engine ranking.
  • Link spam update will affect both the incoming as well as outgoing links of a website.

The link spam update will also penalize those websites which has only Do follow high quality backlinks. It means if you have a website or you are a SEO service provider and you have created high quality backlinks but the relation between your website and external website is not declared, this update will also affect your ranking.

With the help of this link spam update, Google wants to say that whenever you link any external webpage with your webpage, you must declare the relationship attribute. By declaring link relationship attribute, you clearly indicate the relationship of your webpage with the external webpage.

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