Updates to detailed targeting (Facebook Ads Update)

On 19th Jan 2022, Facebook (Meta) has announced big update related to Facebook ads. Those who are use to of Facebook Ads are very much aware from the detailed targeting option. With this option, users can target the audience in details on the basis of their demographics, interest, behavior, etc. But recently Facebook has announced that it is going to make some changes to the detailed targeting option.

So, what is the change?

According to Facebook, they have removed some option related to detailed targeting as they were not used frequently. Facebook has decided to take this step because it thinks people are taking those option as sensitive. Now the question is which types of ads may get affected. Actually ad set running before 19th Jan 2022 will get affected because of this change. So, what does it means? The ads set created before this update get paused or removed?

Well, you don’t have to worry. As per the update, ads created before the update role out will continue to run until 17th March 2022 ad for that users have to make some changes related to the targeting selections. After the said date, ads with previous targeting detail will either paused or get removed.

For details, click here : Facebook Detailed Targeting Update

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