Google’s Helpful Content Update 2022 (Explained)

Google's Helpful Content Update (Explained)

Google search has always been working towards improving the visitors experience and this update is the next step towards the same.

Google’s helpful content update is a more elaborate step that will ensure that the visitors have better access to original, helpful written content that better satisfies the questions and searches made by the people.

Creators/ Content Writers have to consider the following before writing:

The priority should always be people-focused content

Visitors satisfying experience is what you should aim for. As Google’s Helpful Content Update is all about rewarding the content that was rewarding for the people. Your content should demonstrate a firsthand in depth expertise that makes sure when the visitor leaves your site, they leave satisfied with all their questions answered.

Do not create content that first focus on search engines

People-first advice for content creation in no way invalidate following SEO best practices. SEO is the beast that can be activated with people-first content. So do keep in mind SEO best practices while creating content but don’t just go for content creation focused on search engine traffic which is unsatisfying for searchers.

Sites with a lot of unhelpful content may notice stronger effect. If you think content that are not informational and helpful to searchers can still be saved because of its huge size, that’s not true. It’s obvious there will be better satisfying content on the web to display so your content won’t be spared just because of its size.

The beginning of the update is just round the corner impacting English searches globally. Furthermore the update will expand to every other language in the future.

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